Tryk her for dental work

This morning was very snowy.Outside my window the white light is shining. I went down to the harbour, and there I met thousands of black birds swimming around in order to keep the water open. Some seagulls were flying over my head shouting their vigilant screaming. My head was heavy of impressions from the day in the clinic. Again some young men from Iran arrived with very bad teeth, and again my only solution for them was to extract their teeth. The danish government has decided, that they can only have their teeth done, if they have pain, and when there is pain, the nerve has been infected and the only solution, if not a root treatment, which is out of question, because it is past the limitation of what they can have done as pain relief treatment,- the only solution is extraction.

So again I went into the extraction mood. And again it was a hard and long operation, because the roots of the tooth was curved like a fishing hook, and I had to separate it in 3 pieces, before I could get it out. OK that was that, but it took nearly 1 1/2 hour, and after that my mind was totally exhausted. So I went home and opened the BBC-world program, and was even more exhausted. Because here one really can see, why the world is in such a condition as it is.

They can talk and talk and talk. And fight and fight and fight. Killing each other endlessly without seeing anything at all.

Fear has created all this. I am sure. Because I feel it in myself. I see how my reactions are motivated  by fear. Fear of not knowing. Fear of not beeing in control of the situation. And that bring the only relevant question up:- What kind of creature am I ? – What kind of species are we ? Because it seems to me, that we have totally lost our connection with whatever is. It be the ants, or the flyes or the grass, the trees and all our fellowcreations on this earth including our own bodies. The whole universe, which is the unknown, we have killed with our knowledge. That is a fact. So we dont see a damned thing, exept our own thinking proces.

Do we see that?

(I dont think so….)

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